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ERCO 415 Ercoupe PHNCE. by Kazunori Ito 1. Description of this aircraft 2. Specification 3. About the installation 4. About the operations 5. About free software 6. About the directions point in FS2004 and FSX This is the first small civilian plane that I made. Originally, I dont like this kind of aircraft. Slow.. .. . Dullness.. .. .. . can not landing (because no flaps). .. etc.. . etc.. . However, I liked this aircraft though it did not understand of why. Is the shape of the tail a reason? I dont understand By the way, This kind of aircraft has an embarrassed problem. Customizing is an excess problem. Though this model has the type from A to D Which is the feature of the model? Or, whether it is remodeling by the owner is not understood. The gauge arrangement of the panel is the typical
Show more... example. Therefore, please think that Ercoupe that I made this time is the one not belonging to any type. The Erco 415 Ercoupe was designed by several engineers at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) in response to a Bureau of Air Commerce design competition during the mid 1930s for an easy-to-fly, safe airplane. The Engineering and Reseach Company (ERCO) was founded to develop the design. The 415 utilized a two-control system with a control wheel linking the rudder, ailerons and nose wheel. The wheel also controlled the elevator. This arrangement eliminated the need for rudder pedals. The first production Ercoupe was manufactured in 1939. Several companies built nearly 6, 000 Ercoupes or their variants over a period of almost 30 years. In 1941, the U. S. Army evaluated the Ercoupe under the designation YO-55 for observation and target drone roles. Show less...

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Handyman27rating: 10
September 16, 2018
beautiful plane love everything about it