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FSX Flight plan for Confederacy Korea VFR. senior high school velocity low elevation armed forces education road. This road goes done both mountainious and apartment and roling terrain in Confederacy Korea. This path has one sets of targets nearly Osan Confederacy Korea. These are distinguished routes for B-52, F-111, B-1B, B-2 A6, A4, Vulcan and any champion or bomber enthusiasts. Of row you can fly the path with any aircraft of your select. Included in this parcel are two outstanding gauges by Karol Chlebowski for TFR flight and Pave tack on which includes many modern features for bombing, sailing and reconnaissance. These two gauges wish greatly heighten your power to fly these ambitious routes and are a swell fellow of the flight plans. Another alternative to download variation 2 1. of
Show more... my mini board which has all this functionality and to a greater extent. Overview. Targets for this path accept been added to the target area surface area to copy let go of of weapons. This is an first-class path to fly Terrain Following (TFR) tactics using Karol Chlebowskis F-111. Karol also provides a very unique instrument called Pave Tack (see Pave tack Notes) that was designed to be used on routes similar to this. I highly recommend you down load and install Karols fxpiggb5 zip, fxpiggb7 zip. and zzpiggz1 zip. and use one of his F-111 aircraft to fly this route. You can of course fly this route with any FSX aircraft you choose. I also use the Captain Sim B-52 which is a very good also. There are many great Freeware and Payware options that were made for this type of high speed low altitude flying and bombing.. . Thanks to Karol Chlebowski for the use of the very impressive Pave Tack and TFR gauges.. . Bill McClellan Email. kv0iatcox net. Show less...

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