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FS2004 Flight plan for OB-11 Richmond KY. (Old) IFR highschool hasten low height armed forces education path. This is the one-fifth in a series of flight plans I give birth uploaded. These are bully routes for B-52, F-111, B-1B, B-2 A6, A4, Vulcan and any hero or bomber enthusiasts. Of line you can fly the path with any aircraft of your pick. Included in this box is a judge by Karol Chlebowski for TFR waving at real low height. This approximate volition greatly raise your power to fly these ambitious routes and is a bully accompany of the flight plans. Another choice to download interpretation 2 0. of my FS2004 mini board which has all this functionality and to a greater extent. ground. Strategic Air mastery (SAC) from the too soon sixties through with (p) the 1990s had many Low height hig
Show more... h school speed up education Routes throughout the United States where its aircrews could use Low elevation Terrain Avoidance sailing, imitation Bombing and Electronic Warefare education. These routes were known as Oil Burner until the mid 1970s when they were renamed Olive Branch to be more politically correct. Each route had an associated Radar Bomb Scoring (RBS) site that provided Bomb scoring and Electronic Warfare activity. These routes were located in very unpopulated areas. Each route also had a name normally associated with the nearest town or village closest to the RBS site. As an old B-52 crewmember myself for over 14 years I flew most of these route routinely. Although that type of flying cant totally be simulated these Flight Simulator routes using some of the very nice addon aircraft come very close to reality. I will be releasing more of the Oil Burner routes as I get them developed. I have been able to get the data for most of the routes from old paper charts and files I had stored away for years. I have also been able to find much information on the internet the on routes I did not keep the charts from. Even though these routes are old some of them have been renamed and are still in use today. I think you will find these fun and sometimes a bit challenging to fly. Overview. FS2004 flight plan for the Strategic Air Commands OB-11, Richmond KY bomb plot. The reason the OLD is used in the name of this route was the was terminated by FAA in the mid 1970s and replaced by a new route (the new route will be added later). This is a high speed low-level route through mountainous terrain in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee. Targets have been added in the area of the bomb plot to simulate release of weapons. Many of the targets on the Oil Burner routes were not visual target. I have added object at each target so you can see something in the target area. The bombers that flew these routes used radar for aim points that were offset from the target itself. The targets for this simulationw are contained in the. BGL file provided.. . Bill McClellan Email. kv0iatcox net. Show less...

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