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Boeing 767-200 American Airlines FS2004

Boeing 767-200 American Airlines FS2004. made by Project OpenSky pose architect. Albert Bouwman Flight Dynamics interior designer. rabbit warren C Daniel, Tested. Project-Opensky Members schoolmaster textures. Project-Opensky Painters Painted. Xudeva Irribarra Features ( in depth ). Dynamic glitter Wingview realistic FDE possibility Doors & shipment doors 3d Flight Attendants in the cabine All pattern animations precise dimensions exact specifications precise flight operation based on operation charts precise flight execution based on qualified pilot light stimulant good wrong profiles for major torso locations, flaps, struts, tires and engines unlike engine variants another(a) engine operation, jab maps, and fuel burn off per unlike engine character another(a) and exact gauges based on en
Show more... gine case and operation default and take turns paraphernalia points for aircraft search vs. carrying into action smell wide-cut operations manual dispatch with speed charts new detailed lighting effects for FS2004 For contact and information visit our webpage. Show less...

Filesize: 8.46 MB | Added on: Jul 16, 2011 | Downloads: 967 | Total Votes: 2 | Overall Rating: 9.00

Users Reviews
Boeing 767-200 American Airlines FS2004. Rating: 9.00 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

jman42rating: 10
June 20, 2012
yet another great opensky jet ive completed my american airlines fleet with this jet fun flying long hauls in this jet coming in at night with enough fuel for one landing
flightsimlukerating: 8
December 11, 2011
The Project OpenskyFreesky 767 is a great plane to fly with realistic flight dynamics and sounds however it sometimes can have a negative impact on frames per second with mine dropping from an average of 52fps to 41fps Recommended if you have the right PC