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FS2004 FSX Seafire Mk XV. After the Mk III series the next Seafire variant to appear was the Seafire F Mk XV, which was powered developed by a Griffon VI (single-stage supercharger, rated at 1, 850 hp (1, 379 kW) at 2, 000 ft (610 ft) driving a 10 ft 5 in Rotol propeller. Designed in response to Specification N. 4 43 this Seafire version was a mixture of a strengthened Spitfire Mk XII airframe with folding wings. The fuel tanks, retractable tailwheel and broad-chord pointed rudder came from the Spitfire VIII. The first squadron to receive the Seafire Mk. XV in the Pacific was No. 801 Squadron (HMS Implacable), which received the new aircraft in September 1945 in Australia. GMAX mdl developed by A. F. Scrub

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FS2004 FSX Seafire Mk XV. Rating: 9.20 of 10 over a total of 5 reviews.

somdechrating: 8
November 19, 2011
strongking43rating: 10
June 29, 2011
Once again, the author of this aircraft has stunned me I love folding wings, paint job, quality...and most all, everything about it. There were only a several planes in site that extremely loved and is one them. really don t know anything bad reccomend plane to all enthusiasts
1430478470-facebookrating: 10
June 28, 2011
gaucho_59rating: 8
June 27, 2011
This one is a quality add on... very nice paint job... roundels could be more nitid...
loljbrating: 10
June 10, 2011