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Massawa International (HHMS) FS2004. Massawa, Eritrea Built in the early 2000s and opened in 03, this airport missed inclusion in Fs9; the old unpaved airport was used. This field can accept the Heavies if needed, so you can take anything in or out of it. In Google Earth, the old runway is still visible to the Southeast, though the town has built over it. You can even see the hulk of a Russian transport plane damaged during a landing and left there (its now a cafe or coffee shop, I think). Eritrea is a rather young country (having won independence from Ethiopia in 93), and its people are trying to promote tourism and commerce so their country can prosper. I wish them the best, and would love to drop in for a visit some day. Massawa was the location of a pivotal battle in Eritreas War for I
Show more... ndependence; in the town is an elaborate monument displaying 3 tanks that played an important part in the battle. This airport is as accurate as I could make it with the information at hand; Google Earth aerial shots, and a Jepp diagram. I could find no photos of the outside of the buildings, so I grabbed some Sidney Schwartz buildings that looked close, and adjusted the sizes to fit. The layout & dimensions are fairly close to those of the actual airport, as is the location and Localizer freq. As I could not remove the existing NDB (which IRL was moved to the new airport), I changed the NDB ID from MS to MA, and the freq from 230. 0 to 231. 0 at the new location. This was so you wouldnt have two NDBs of the same name frequency 6 miles apart. Rwy 07 ILS; 110. 5 NDB; MA. Freq; 231. 0 This is only the second airport Ive done, and my first-ever public release, so comments criticism suggestions are quite welcome. Email me, Stephen Plumb, at pro3zacatyahoo. com, and let me know if anything needs changed and Ill see what I can do. Installation; 1) Extract the files to a temporary location. 2) Install the contents of the HHMS folder in Fs9s addon Scenery Scenery folder 3) Youll need to install 3 of Sidney Schwartzs excellent object libraries (if you havent already) in order to view the scenery; E-Z Terminals SS, GA Hangars SS V3, Lights SS V2. All are available at www. flightsim. com or www. avsim. net 4) You dont absolutely have to remove the old airport, but if you dont, you wont be able to start out at the new one, and youll have 2 airports 6 miles apart with the same name. To fix this; In the fs2004 main folder; a) locate and open the main Scenery folder; inside are more folders. Locate the folder Afri. Open it. b) Inside Afri are 3 folders. Locate and open Scenery. c) Inside the Scenery folder is a large number of. BGL files. Locate AP958260 (the search function is handy for this). Youll be removing this; it is a, BGL file with four airports on it (including HHMS) ; in Step 5, youll replace the other three. d) Copy it to where you keep backup files, and delete the original; this is how to get rid of the default airport. This. bgl file has a total of four airports; HHMS, HAAX, HHAS, and Z1OY. Replacements for the other fields are included in this scenery package, so you wont have empty holes in your landscape where airports used to be. 5) In the Other Airfield. BGLs folder, youll find replacement. BGL files for three airports that were also on the file that you removed in Step 4. Copy paste to Fs9s addon Scenery Scenery folder. In the Default HHMS folder is a replacement for the. BGL file you removed in Step 4 (AP958260). Just in case.. . Start fs2004 and enjoy! This fs2004 Scenery is released as freeware. Copyright Stephen Plumb. Enjoy as-is, or change it if you can make it more accurate. You do not have permission to use this product for monetary gain, period. The rights and wishes of the author must be respected. Copyright 2011 by Stephen B. Plumb. All rights reserved. Thanks; Sidney Schwartz for his outstanding object libraries, Jon Masterson ScruffyDuck Software for ADE9X. Show less...

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