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FSX SOOS Saul. The place exist !!! At the very heart of French Guyana in the jungle is SOOS Saul. Little but well equipped village (north west of the runway), very popular among trekkers able to reach the place (about 110 miles south of Cayenne). Not as flat as one would imagine, the runway 21 is ban for landing when the runway 03 is ban for taking off thanks to the dangerous landscape around. For qualified bush pilots, especially when flying those twin engines cargos !!! Thanks to the authors of fsx planner and SbuilderX for those superbes development tools. Using only existing elements of FSX, this should not hit too much your FPS. Thanks, a lot, to Bruno BLB, Arnaud520 and especially danyboy21 (which visited the place) from the France Aviation Virtuelle for helping with the testing of t
Show more... he scenery. Its under my copyright, and should be only freely distributed and in any case never be part of a commercial package. There is nothing there which could possibly damage your computer or your FS, so I am not taking any responsibility in any possible incident on your machines. I am using items from the library of fsx to be FPS frendly and. .. its working. unzip the files and folders under your addon scenery directory declare the scenery Thats it. Unfortunatly, as far as I know, this scenery is not compatible with previous versions of FS. Enjoy flying in that amazing area ! Dominique M. L. Donzelot ddonzelotataol. com (also author of SOOR, SOOC, LFFK, ACLT, LFRI, LFNQ, SMLB, LFOO, LFRE, LFEA, LHC1, FMXX, LTFB, LFXH, LFSP, LFEV, LFOY, IOAL, LFGD, LFQM, LFSA, LFSA photo scenery, LFYS, EGKR, LFNL for fsx and LFFE for fsx and previous versions of FS) (c) fsx SOOS D. Donzelot 2011 Show less...

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