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FS9 FSX Me 109H. The Messerschmitt Bf 109H was designed as a high altitude interceptor. It was cancelled due to the success of the superlative Fw190D Ta152 series. The first prototype (Bf 109 V. 54) flew on 5 November 1943. Initial tests were satisfactory. A second prototype, the Bf 109 V. 55, was destroyed in an air raid on 25 February 1944. Further tests on the V. 54 produced less impressive results, but work continued on the project. A small number of the pre-production H-0 and H-1s were produced, and were tested developed by a reconnaissance unit based at Guyancourt, near Paris, but performance was not satisfactory. Original mdl developed by David Hanvey and Paul Barry. Modified version with gun sound effects, instruments and new airfile for FS9 FSX developed by A. F. Scrub.

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FS9 FSX 109H Messerschmitt Bf designed a high altitude. Rating: 7.40 of 10 over a total of 5 reviews.

Bowen101rating: 10
April 22, 2011
jakelso100rating: 8
April 17, 2011
great work nice functions
jgbrating: 10
April 15, 2011
The easist down load,easy install,brilliant graphics ,look close at aircraft,fly with no problems its great
1354380755-facebookrating: 1
April 10, 2011
i can t download the link is not work
robiiuchiharating: 8
March 21, 2011
a big fan of the military planes, but I like ones that have smoother turning