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FS2004 FSX Dornier 17Z-10. nightfighter and Z-2 medium bomber The Dornier Do 17, sometimes referred to as the Fliegender Bleistift (German. flying pencil), was a World War II German light bomber produced developed by Claudius Dorniers company, Dornier Flugzeugwerke. It was designed as a Schnellbomber (fast bomber), a light bomber which, in theory, would be so fast that it could outrun defending fighter aircraft. The last few production Do-17z were made as Night Fighters and equiped with Telefunken radar. You get both types. Original mdl developed by Thicko, upgraded to FS2004 FSX developed by A. F. Scrub.

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Users Reviews
FS2004 FSX Dornier 17Z-10. Rating: 9.25 of 10 over a total of 4 reviews.

starscream4002rating: 10
September 7, 2011
very great plane and awesome detail. It flies Ultra smooth if you don t go fast or hard on the sticks. Inverted flight rolls are really SS
J290JACKrating: 10
July 25, 2011
looks awesome
jakelso100rating: 7
April 17, 2011
love the old feeling
jgbrating: 10
April 15, 2011
download and try it you will not be disapointed,engine sound spot on,graphics did see any joins,fly as expected one of the best downloads for a long time