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FlightZone 02 Portland FSX Patch. by Larry Robbins email: adminatmyflightsimbl og. com website: www. myflightsimblog. com Please follow the instructions carefully to properly install the patch and to have FZ02 Portland to function properly in FSX. You MUST have an original copy of FlightZone 02 Portland to install on your computer. I have created a flightsim X Patch that contains new airport configurations, exclusions, and replacement flightsim X trees that will improve the look and feel of FZ02 Portland in FSX. Visit www. myflightsimblog. com for more detailed instructions. DISCLAIMER: First of all, let me be clear with you up front. I am in no way providing you with any part of the original FLIGHTZONE 02: PORTLAND scenery or Orbx addon scenery. YOU MUST ALREADY OWN AND HAVE INSTALLED THE
Show more... SCENERY PACKAGE ON YOUR SYSTEM. I will, however, show you how to convert you own personal copy of FLIGHTZONE 02: PORTLAND for flight simulator fs2004 into a usable format that will work and look great in FSX. STEP 1 Install the Flightzone 02 files onto your hard drive This can be a little tricky if you do not have flight simulator fs2004 on your system, but its possible to do. Of course, if you already have flight simulator fs2004 installed and or if FLIGHTZONE 02: PORTLAND is already on your hard drive, then you simply need to copy the folder FlightZone02SC to your flightsim X addon Scenery folder and skip to Step 2. We will be removing and adding some files to that folder later, so dont start up flightsim X just yet. You can eliminate the FlightZone02LC folder because we will not be using the Landclass files from the FLIGHTZONE 02: PORTLAND scenery. I have adapted the airport layouts to function with the Orbx NA Blue PNW landclass instead. We will add the necessary modification files from the FlightZone02 Patch for flightsim X file later. If you are trying to install a fresh copy of FLIGHTZONE 02: PORTLAND into flightsim X and you do not have flight simulator fs2004 installed on your system, then you can create a DUMMY flight simulator fs2004 directory on your Hard Drive. The FLIGHTZONE 02: PORTLAND installer MUST see the FS9. exe file on your Hard Drive before it will install the necessary files. I have made this step easy for you by providing a DUMMY directory inside the FlightZone02 Patch for flightsim X file. If needed, simply place the flight simulator fs2004 folder into your software Files folder on your Hard Drive before starting the FLIGHTZONE 02: PORTLAND installer. Then be sure to point the FLIGHTZONE 02: PORTLAND installer to the correct flight simulator fs2004 folder path. After the FlightZone02SC and the FlightZone02LC folders are added to your FS9 Addon Scenery folder, you can simply drag the FlightZone02SC file to your FSX Addon Scenery folder. We will NOT be using the FlightZone02LC folder. DO NOT PLACE FlightZone02LC INSIDE YOUR flightsim X addon SCENERY. Step 2 Remove Incompatible files from the Portland 02 SC Scenery Folder Not all files within the Portland 02 SC Scenery Folder are compatible with FSX. We need to remove all AF1 files which change the airport layouts. They are equivalent to the old AFCAD files that were used in flight simulator fs2004 for airport layouts. They will be replaced by new AFX files from the Patch file download. In addition, I have spent many hours testing the other. bgl files to see which ones work and which ones do not. We need to remove any files that produce any type of texture or lighting on the runways or tarmac. flight simulator fs2004 Runway lights will cause a problem in FSX, as do trees and a few other misc. items. Below is a list of files in Alphabetical order that you should remove from the FlightZone02SC file. Dont bother with texture files since you may inadvertently trash something you need to keep. Some graphics cards have been reported to not properly display lights and light poles from FS9, displaying black boxes instead. If that is the case, then remove any lightpole files as well. It is also worth noting that not all textures will display properly with Preview DirectX 10 checked under flightsim X Graphics settings. I suggest unchecking this option. Feel free to experiment with what works best for your system.. . Show less...

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