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P3D FSX Washington DC Scenery. WashDCX 1. 0. (P3D V2 Certified) Its Finally Here !!! Thanks to all of you who downloaded and sent a comment, suggestion, or just your appreciation for WashDCX Beta. After more than 2000 downloads, I am pleased to announce a much anticipated UPDATE to WashDCX which will be referred to as Version 1. 0. WashDCX 1. 0 contains even more D. C. models and buildings, all of which have both Transparent and Night textures added. I have also expanded the Satellite Photo scenery around the National Mall area; added support for scenery complexity; added trees and more traffic; and corrected the destination bug within the installer software. You will also find many tourist among the more popular tourist destinations in Washington D. C. I hope that this addon will greatly
Show more... enhance your flying experience around the D. C. Metro area. Be sure to check out both the Screen Shots and Video area for a look at what is included in WashDCX 1. 0. I encourage your comments either developed by email or on the forum for all others to see. Have fun and Happy Flying !! Thanks Again, Larry New to Vesion 1. 0: More models Night textures More Satellite Images Fixed models with transparent textures (Alpha Cannels) Added some Exclusions Tourest (Very Dense Setting) Trees (Even more trees with Very Dense Setting) Secret Service Motor Cade at Andrews AFB Fixed the installer destination bug found in the Beta version addon Models: Washington Monument Bookstore in front of the Washington Monument US Flags surrounding the Washington Monument Air Force Memorial near the Pentagon WWII Memorial near Reflection Pool opposite the Lincoln Memorial American Indian Museum SE End of the National Mall near Capital Hill Federal USDA Building (Orange Rooftop) near Washington Monument Fountans in front of and behind the White House George Washington Masonic Lodge in Alexandria, VA USDA Fedeal Building at the SW Corner near Washington Monument US Grant statue in front of Capital Building LDS Morman Temple North near 495 Botanical Gardens in SE corner near the Capital Building Trees on the National Mall and tourest at popular tourest locations Secret Service surrounding Andrews AFB with Motor Cade Other Features: Rescaled and repositioned many default flightsim X buildings Satellite images of: KDCA; Arlington National Cemetery; White House Grounds; National Mall; Capital Hill City traffic surrounding the National Mall, Arlington Cemetery, Pentagon, Arlington Bridge, and KDCA Install 1. Uninstall WashDCX Beta from your Hard Drive using the uninstall software 2. Download and run the installer for WashDCX 1. 0 ensureing that the WashDCX archive is unzipped into your Microsoft Flight Simulator X addon Scenery folder. 2. Start up flightsim X and activate the WashDCX scenery (Add Scenery) within Scenery Library. 3. Restart FSX. 4. Go to KDCA airport. Takeoff and Have FUN !! archive Discription: CVXWashDCX. BGL Traffic files, bridges, and landclass changes Photo01 thru Photo51 BGL Satellite images WashDCX-EXT. BGL Exclusion rectangles that allow me to reposition default flightsim X buildings WashDCXobjects. bgl Contains the new models imported from Google Sketchup WashDCX. BGL Places the new Google Sketchup models and moves flightsim X default buildings as well as rescale to size Secret Service. BGL Default flightsim X objects placed at Andrews AFB (KADW) I would welcome any feedback, ideas, suggestions, or collaboration on this project. Be sure to visit my Web Page at: www. myflightsimblog. com for even more downloads and links to files that compliment WashDCX. You can also email me at: adminatmyflightsimbl og. com. Get support at http: www. myflightsimblog. com ucp. php?mode login Enjoy, Larry Show less...

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P3D FSX Washington DC Scenery. Rating: 9.67 of 10 over a total of 3 reviews.

sayedsokarrating: 9
January 22, 2012
very nice scenery
chuckiii3rating: 10
May 1, 2011
Awesome scenery
100000815809983-facebookrating: 10
February 23, 2011