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CFS Ansaldo SVA 5 Aeronautica Militare Italiana. The Ansaldo S. V. A. 5 was a sturdy two-seater reconnaissance aeroplane used on this and other duties, in service in the Aeronautica Militare Italiana during WWI. This plane, decorated with the Dares Greater constellation on his tail and flown by Italian poet Gabriele DAnnunzio and his pilot Captain Natale Palli, lead the squadron La Serenissima on August 9, 1918, over Vienna. In their literary raid of Vienna, DAnnunzio and his mates, dropped leaflets containing the poets writings, about the austrian defeat by the italian forces, and flew more than 620 miles, almost 500 over enemy territory. FS98 Aircraft Designer: Angelo Moneta Reworked BMP textures, moving parts and DP for CFS: Edmundo Abad Dec. 2010

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