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Boeing 767-300ER Olympic Pack. Project Open Sky Boeing 767-200 -200ER -300 -300ER -400 Series Please make a donation today at: http: donations. projectopensky. com Version 2004. 9. 8 For flight simulator 2004 Only Copyrights: This aircraft is made developed by Project Open Sky. Model VC Designer : Albert Bouwman Flight Dynamics Designer : Warren C. Daniel flight simulator 2004 Only, FDE, Sounds Effects Master Texture Designer : Ben Hewitt 2D Panel Designer : Ed Cox Test Pilots : Project Open Sky Members FDE Advisor 767 Data : Nick Peterson Shigeo Kitaguchi Simon Ng Hin Tat Anthony Jackson Copyright Information on FDE The FDE included for this series are copyrighted developed by Project Opensky and Warren C. Daniel. They may not be merged, altered and or used for other uploads to any other
Show more... aircraft without Authors permission. These sounds may not be redited, redistributed, or re-uploaded. Legal implications exist from the air carrier who allowed me to record and use these sounds. Contact me before attempted re-use of these sounds. Payware companies have specific implication or notifications if you wish to use these sounds. All sounds are recorded developed by me, no other authors work contributed to this package. Many thanks to the wonderful folks over at United Airlines for allowing me time in their Commerical Level D simulators, and the people at Avsim. com for organizing the event. Thanks to Matt Z. for allowing us to reference his 767 docs, and Jan for the ABL code help. This update includes: FDEs for 767s New 767 sounds Manual Effects Scenarios New Features for this FDE: Correct 767 performance and feel based on Level D simulators and documentation. Use of MSFS payload and fuel editor. Use of MSFS flight planner and Navigation Log for flight fuel planning. Use of true 767 landing gear footprint as default gear points. 1 Easy to fly 767 FDE, many realistic version of 767 variants. First appearance of true 767-300ER Freighter specific FDE. New physical contact point definitions. New scenarios to experience 767 true feel. New sound package to match 767 FDE (recorded from 767-200ER with GE CF6-80A engines 767-300ER with CF6-80C2B6F engines). New effects. Show less...

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