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TCAS and Traffic Display Gauge Version 2. 0. Created by: Dietmar Loleit E-Mail: dloleitatt-online. de October 2010 This TCAS and Traffic Display Gauge Version 2. 0 includes significant improvements from V1. 0. It has been developed for the flightsim X Flight Simulator SP1 2 also. It should also work with Acceleration. The functionality for the TCAS part is based on general specs for commercial aircrafts. It does not provide in detail the function for a specific aircraft model. It is a generic gauge, and can be simple added to any aircraft as a standalone popup window. In addition the gauge provides a AI traffic display in the ranges of 10, 20, and 40 miles. Within this display mode, no TCAS rules are valid, which means all AI aircraft are displayed independent of any altitude or distance.
Show more... Improvements in V2. 0 are: 1: Full TCAS and traffic display capability is provided even though your aircraft is on the ground. Only the trigger of the alarm warn sound and the blinking lamp display willbe blocked. 2: An AI HDG pointer will be displayed. It shows in which direction the AI is moving. 3: A bearing pointer has been introduced. It allows the pilot to point to a specific AI. 4: The AI additional text info display follows the structure of an ATC text. 5:The AI additional text can be selected individually per AI with a mouse click. 6: Each AI display contains a ID index number (0 20). 7: The design of the TCAS and Traffic Display Box has been updated. 8: Increased the number of AIs displayed on the screen in display mode. For installation and functional description look at the doc inside the ZIp. CREDIT goes to : Stefan Schneider for his support on special XML issues and TCAS functionality. Bob Familton for his review of the documentation and testing for SP1 FSX. Doug Dawson for his dsd-XML-sound interface in order to generate the sounds. Show less...

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TCAS and Traffic Display Gauge Version 2.0. Rating: 9.00 of 10 over a total of 4 reviews.

stenhouse711-googlerating: 10
March 23, 2017
very good add on
100002538195480-facebookrating: 8
January 27, 2013
nice adoon
proffessorWhatrating: 9
February 20, 2011
Very good. Fairly easy to install
michael17rating: 9
December 21, 2010
This is a good tool