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FSX F A-18A Sludge Hornet Modification V1.2 (1)

F A-18A Sludge Hornet Modification v1. 2. for Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Pack. Overall modifications and tweaking done by: Christian Sludge Snow, fgrimley32atyahoo. com, YAHOO IM: fgrimley32; SKYPE ID: fgrimley32 Sludge at fsdreamteam. com forum, http: www. fsdreamteam. com forum index. php?board 4. 0 Introduction This package is a NATOPS-driven modification to the Microsoft flight simulator X default Acceleration Hornet. The MS FSX: Acceleration Expansion Pack must be installed for the Sludge Hornets to work. F A-18A Sludge Hornet Modification, Basic Version, without Effects. Recommended for use in 2 or more player flight simulator X Multiplayer environment, as the EGSmoke effect taxes frame rates considerably. F A-18A Sludge Hornet Modification, FX Version, with Effects. Recommende
Show more... d for use in single player free flight or two player flight simulator X Multiplayer environment. HUD Gauges: modified real life HUD PLAT Cam Carrier Wire Trap Gauge Refueling Gauge UpFrontController BlackBox Gauge w 2D HUD Indexer Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System Gauge Nose Gear Approach (AoA) Light Assembly Gauge Recommend download install Orion Lyaus Multiplayer SFCarrier2 multiplayer Mission. As it compliments the Sludge Hornet and works very well with the PLAT Cam gauge for all potential LSOs. New Updated Features 1. Some HUD symbology has been moved and clipped areas have been lengthened to accomodate shift in the default eyepoint (aircraft. cfg). Which is more real life and looking down the nose of the aircraft. However, Pitch Ladder and related symbology (velocity vector, ghost vector, etc. ) have remained the same to ensure conformality. real life HUD also re-worked to have ICLS glideslope needles activate earlier than localizer needle. As well as TACAN adjusted to never go below 0. 1NM. 2. The PANEL. CFG has been altered to re-prioritize the gauges according to usage situation, and for efficiency. The main 2D window now displays the HUD, the AoA Indexer, and the Carrier Trap Gauge. These gauges cannot be selected unselected, grabbed, or moved. 3. The Refueling Gauge and the UFC Blackbox have been combined into one panel entry. Additionally, the UFC Refuel button deploys the Refueling Probe and switches ON the Refueling Gauge. 4. The IFLOLS is included as its own panel entry, eliminating the need for another panel folder. 5. Re-worked Med (medium) G Vapor and Exhaust Gas Smoke effects. Along with new Wingtip Vapor and EG Smoke DARK that comes on at 90 percent N1, and EG Smoke that comes on at 85 percent N2 below 700 AGL (for LSO power visual but balanced for frame rates). 6. Re-worked ALA Lights so they have a brighter core and are easier to discern at farther distances. 7. Moved all effects to the [smoke] section so the effects are independent of [lights] section, so in multiplayer, there are no effects glitches. 8. Re-made Betty and RadarALT sounds; now clearer w a minute audio sidetone. 9. Modded PLAT Cam gauge to include ability to select different player aircraft and have that information displayed on the PLAT Cam. Features 1. 2D HUD Indexer. 2D HUD View. Lower left side of HUD for non-TrackIR, 2D HUD users who like to fly meatball, lineup, indexer on carrier approaches without the physical HUD brackets getting in the way when flying in VC. 2D Indexer Logic. Hook button will toggle between Carrier Field, and will flash not flash Indexer according to real-world NATOPS-based logic if hook is lowered retracted. 2. Carrier Trap Gauge. 2D HUD View. Gauge that gives Wire Trapped, Landing Speed, Alpha, and Rate-of-Descent at carrier touchdown. 3. New real life HUD. Great looking, correllated, real life VC HUD. Shift-2, HUD control panel. Excellent symbology and new spacing, along with ICLS needles and TACAN from either the default, AI Carriers, or Javiers Carriers. Using 47X or 57x for default or Javiers carriers. 4. Beech Bonanza Radio Stack and Autopilot Control. Shift-3. Allows setting all comm nav radios w standby frequencies available for quick switching. Also allows easy autopilot manipulation on lower portion of the panel. 5. Refueling Gauge. Shift-4 a. Allows air-to-air refueling. When activated (ON OFF switch), it shows internal fuel percentage and refueling status on the HUD. Can also be activated developed by UFC Refuel switch. 6. UpFrontController BlackBox Gauge 2D Indexer Logic. Shift-4 b. This Gauge is similar to the Super Hornets UFC developed by look, and has several integrated features. It controls Betty BARO and RALT warning calls, fuel state is displayed in nearest hundred pounds in decimal form (ie 5500 lbs 5. 5). Refuel Probe button extends refueling probe and activates Refueling Gauge ON. Fuel Dump button activates the fuel dump switch. Bingo can be set using your mouse wheel over the Bingo knob on the Fuel Panel in the VC, and will get accompanied Bingo call from Betty when indicated Fuel State is reached. Betty will also call fuel low and illuminate the Master Caution when fuel drops below 800 lbs. in either Left or Right Main Feed Tanks. 7. GPS-9 Panel. Shift-5. Standard GPS-9 for navigation. 8. Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System (IFLOLS) gauge. Shift-6. For VC and or TrackIR flyers who would like to see the Meatball all the way down to the wires. Based on IFLOLS 12-ball system, w cut lights and reduced datum lights. Gauge position can be moved. 9. Carrier PLAT Camera Crosshair Gauge. Shift-6. This gauge is needed to complete the PLAT Cam view in SFCarrier2 Multiplayer Mission. It provides date, time, carrier number, C for clear deck, and 30 for wind over deck. Required for all flight simulator X LSOs. 10. Landing Light will now auto shutoff when gear raised. User will not be able to activate until landing gear is lowered. Can be selected AUTO via UFC gauge for automatic activation, once landing gear is deployed. 11. Higher landing gear and flap drag values. Higher realism lower speed on-approach flight profile. 85-88 percent N2 RPM on approach p NATOPS standards. 12. Manual Flaps Modification. Allows manual command of Flaps (Leading Edge Flaps Trailing Edge Flaps) : Flaps Up (0 LEF 0 TEF), Flaps HALF (15 LEF 20 TEF), and Flaps FULL (30 LEF 45 TEF). 13. real life Sound Pack. Real-life sounds for the Hornet, utilizing flight simulator X Sound Cone technology. 14. Both Basic FX Sludge Hornets have 11 paints: NASA (416 FLTS), NASA-HARV (416 FLTS), Aggressor (VFC-12), Aggressor Fighting Omars (VFC-12), USN (VFA), USN (VFA-132), USN (VFA-143), USN (VFA-192 CAG), USMC (VMFA-314), USMC (VMFA-323), and USMC (VMFA-323 CAG). They are now properly designated and FSX-selectable developed by their squadron names. Show less...

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