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Project Airbus A380-841 Lufthansa Winview. roject Airbus presents the Airbus A380-800. Features include dynamic wingflex (with input from several new variables), accurate LAF simulation, parallel bogies, drooping control surfaces, hardcoded double strobes, and over 40 other custom xml parts. Visit us at www. pairbus. com credits the PA team: Demetris Themistocleous, Derek Mayer, Sheldon Fernandes, Tom Collins, Alexis Vletsas thanks to: Andy Warden, John Tavendale, Steve McBee, Shane Olguin, Panagiotis Delizisis, Thanasis Delizisis, Ken Mitchell, Talal Alhaj, Fraser Turner flightsim X conversion by Thomas Ruth

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Project Airbus A380-841 Lufthansa Winview. Rating: 9.00 of 10 over a total of 4 reviews.

midsrating: 10
March 26, 2011
disasterrating: 10
January 26, 2011
This download of Project Airbus is what I would most certainly call the perfect quality in all aspects team at should be very proud their aircraft as these have a rate 10.
marijniboyrating: 8
January 26, 2011
1 word wow
alymansourrating: 8
November 9, 2010
verey acceourate and effictives