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Samdim Design Tupolev Tu-114 Adapted Fsx

Samdim Design Tupolev Tu-114 adapted for fsx. Featuring DDS textures, full virtual cockpit (VC), custom gauges, custom sounds, passenger cabin and camera definitions. aeroplane in 1959 Khrushchev livery. Also includes Soviet Army Tu-126 Moss AWACS variant. Glass cockpit: In addition to Tupolev Tu-114 1959 Khruschev a Glass Cockpit variant is provided. It is fiction of how Tu-114 might look like upgraded with western avionics. Glass cockpit is convenient when flight crew of 5 is not available to you. The glass cockpit pfd, mfd and autopilot gauges are aliased to stock b737800. Further, two new custom gauges are included: Vertical lateral nav display and Fuel economy display. Vertical lateral navigation display elements: Turn 360: Time to will fly 360 degree turn, in minutes Turn Rad: Turn r
Show more... adius, in nm FPA: Flight path angle, in degrees Alt hold: Distance remaining to reach current AP Altitude hold, in nm Fuel economy display elements: FOB: Total Fuel On Board, in gallons FF : Total Fuel Flow (burn), in gallons per hour Endur: Endurance time, in hours or minutes Endur: Endurance range, or how far you can fly with remaining fuel, in nm Effi: Fuel efficiency coefficient, in nm per gallon. The higher the better. Tu-114 can be flown at 0. 10 0. 14 nm G giving 6000+ nm range. Credits: Many thanks to Samdim Design, Dimitri Samborski and co-workers for this magnificent model. http: samdimdesign. free. fr Support: adapted for fsx developed by Branislav Jansik, branislav. jansikatgmail. com Show less...

Filesize: 30.17 MB | Added on: Aug 31, 2010 | Downloads: 1367 | Total Votes: 5 | Overall Rating: 10.00

Users Reviews
Samdim Design Tupolev Tu-114 adapted fsx. Rating: 10.00 of 10 over a total of 5 reviews.

Rammitrating: 10
October 23, 2011
Typical of the Cold War attitude it is MASSIVE be advised choose an airport that you know for the first flight or use edwards AFB that has a substantial runway
Fredlzgrating: 10
January 14, 2011
fehlt mir noch in meiner Sammlung und ist recht interessant
nixon_c4rating: 10
January 13, 2011
cool man
stefanbremsrating: 10
October 20, 2010
Great plane a little touchy on takeoffs and landings though Try to use a long runway for both Otherwise an excellent plane all around
ams0596rating: 10
September 6, 2010
it very cool