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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Rockwell Turbo Commander 690BWL. Model created by grupo Veneaviones. Quiero hacerles un gran reconocimiento a veneaviones por ofrecernos este excelente avion, a pesar de que es un modelo algo viejo, sigue siendo uno de los mejores freeware disponibles en la web. Creditos. flight dinamics Oscar Ortiz Effects Roberto Leiro Modeller Juan Miguel Ramirez Arnoldo Perdomo Claudio Rojas Master paint Jorge Suarez Panel Scott Thomas Texture Gustavo La Cruz

Filesize: 16.34 MB | Added on: Jun 09, 2010 | Downloads: 2855

Users Reviews
Rockwell Turbo Commander 690BWL. Rating: 6.25 of 10 over a total of 8 reviews.

jman42rating: 7
April 25, 2012
i like this plane, just needs a panel
okie5rating: 9
May 6, 2011
Very nice
raymoncitorating: 10
December 9, 2010
Awesome attention to detail is great, stable and real flying qualities......Thank you
5926d9rating: 4
June 21, 2010
you forgot something G A U E S rest id don very well
okanemrahrating: 5
June 21, 2010
where is gauges
wagidanielrating: 10
June 16, 2010
PUTZERrating: 1
June 12, 2010
does not seem to have instruments in any view.
bomwrating: 4
June 10, 2010
No Gauges, NOTHING Some Bug Model looks good but unuseble in this incomplete form.