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FS2004 Cholila Lodge V1. 0. Lake Cholila in Patagonia is one of the few last great outdoors left in this world, a paradise for mountain bikers, fishermen, hikers and hunters.. . the only drawback is that it is dificult to get there, there are some gravel roads but that is something for those really wanting adventure. Taking that into consideration the operator of the lodge on lake Cholila have created a grass airstrip making the access very easy.. . for those who dont mind flying in small planes. As usual, rivers and roads have been configured for VFR pilots as well as landmarks and town limits included. The new mesh extends over two LOD8 tiles and are sampled in LOD13 detail. Now, to the problematic area, in the original Microsoft scenery had lake Cholila with the wrong altitude and an ak
Show more... ward near irreality layout. There is no way to exclude that. There are two possibilities to fix that, one you get the hgt files (see below) and fix the area with Slartibartfast excluding the area of the lake in the original files (can be found on most good fsim websites) or two, you use the file I have included (cannot say that it 100% error free though it took me five days to create and revise it trying to ensure that). The compromises: in the original MSFS scenery there are asphalt concrete roads leading through this area, which, according to the latests satellite images I have, should be gravel roads. I have changed them to gravel in the 10 square kilometers surrounding lake Cholila, the rest remains asphalt.. though they do not correspond to reality. As with my previous Argentina scenery, the idea, data and images to create this scenery were collected developed by Federico Malfu Sanchez. laughATotenetDOTgr Show less...

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