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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
The Beechcraft D18S Float for MSFS2004 FS9 ACof. See http: www. flightsimonline. com d18s for Current Details, FAQs, Known Problems, Repaint Information, and more. Copyrights and credits: This fs9 flight simulation aircraft is designed by Milton Shupe, panel by Scott Thomas, textures by Andre Folkers, and Sounds by Mike Hambly with alpha and beta testing, feedback, and input by seasoned flightsimmers and real world pilots. There may be other copyright files by other authors denoted in their respective readmes. Model Designer : Milton Shupe (original pontoons by Bill Lionheart Ortis) Flight Dynamics : Milton Shupe using Jerry Beckwiths Flight Dynamics Workbook Technical Data : Consolidated from Google Search Results the world over Tested : Team Members, J. Eric Payne and great flight simmer
Show more... s everywhere UVW Mapping : Milton Shupe Panel : Copyright by Scott Thomas XML Gauges : Scott Thomas XML Advisor : many thanks to Nick Pike for technical and softwareming assistance Textures : Copyright by Andre Folkers Paint Kits : Copyright by Andre Folkers Sounds : Scott Thomas rematched sounds from the Mike Hambly GeeBee Soundset and default sounds Special Effects : Copyrights by Microsoft, engine startup smoke and fire by Milton Shupe, wing night light effects (Newll) by Kaveh Payandeh Pilot Head Textures : Copyright by Microsoft Checklist and Refs : Scott Thomas Website Content : Milton Shupe Miscellaneous : Pictures of source aircraft: Milton Shupe and Scott Thomas; see Panel Doc for other credits Features: Built in GMAX Fully animated control surfaces, lights, passenger door Animated Pilots head movements Hand-flyer flight dynamics Detailed, multilayered, Glossy, reflective PSP textures with Specular Highlites on exterior and in the VC (FS9 only) Night lighting and light map textures Specular Lighting Effects (Dynamic Shine) Landing lights illuminate runways Outside wing, engine, prop left rear views in 2D Views Virtual Cockpit with Gauge Backlighting Fully functional Virtual Cockpit Show less...

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Beechcraft D18S Float MSFS2004 FS9 ACof. Rating: 10.00 of 10 over a total of 1 reviews.

Gnitzrating: 10
April 25, 2010
Absolutely brilliant work. Especially the VC with instrument lights.