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FSX Short Sunderland MkIII. From Stuart Green with panel features from Erwin Welker to insert 3 gunnerpositions, air file developed by James Banks. This seaplane was used as anti U-boat and recon aircraft during Worldwar II. Bombs and side gunners are animated and can me seen with certain camera views. With the panel and camera configurations you can change from the pilots seat to the positions of the bowgunner, the turretgunner, the tailgunner or to the place of the navigator. The twinturret on top of the fuselage and the tailguns can be rotated, up to 360 degrees. Flackclouds or target hit effects can be turned on per switches at all gunstations. Additional cameras allows to watch the animated depth charges and also the animated gunners in the middle of the fuselagethree plus 2 external views. Effect and camera configuration developed by Erwin Welker

Filesize: 6.41 MB | Added on: Mar 29, 2010 | Downloads: 1440

Users Reviews
FSX Short Sunderland MkIII. Rating: 8.50 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

swindonnemorating: 8
August 18, 2010
Dropped a couple of points because the VC is functional rather than pretty but worth download.
andy_vhrating: 9
July 14, 2010
nice one