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Flight Simulator 2004 Scenery Antalya Gazipaa (LTFG) Airport and surroundings. Only compatible with FS2004. City: Antalya Country: Trkiye ICAO code:LTFG Airport Name: Gazipaa Airfield data: 1 runway ILS DME: None Navigational Aids: None Runway :08-26 (1825 m) It is an airport which is still being enlarged at Gazipaa town of Antalya. It is 45 kilometers from Alanya, 2144 metersquares closed terminal, autopark with 105 cars capacity. The airport whose construction had begun in 1991, despite it had been finished in 1999, did not open because of insufficient flight safety. What prevents the safety is that, for the planes aprroaching from the sea, if a missed approach happens, because of the mountains there is no sufficient distance to regain altitude. On 4th of January 2008, management authori
Show more... ty of the airport is given as a contract to TAV Holding developed by DHMI. The airport which is finished and opened to air traffic on 13th of July 2009, is category 2C and big enough for landing of planes app. of 150 passengers. SCENERY DETAILS 1. Landclass corrections suitable to natural properties are made for Gazipaa, Alanya and Manavgat and surroundings. Glasshouses around the airport are modelled with gmax. Streams and main ways at Gazipaa, Manavgat river at Manavgat, Manavgat and Oymapnar dams northeast of Manavgat are designed. flight simulator 2004 default sea vehicles are added to coasts. 2. AFCAD archive is prepared based on DHMI AIP charts and satellite views. 3. Objects which can be seen in Gazipaa airport, such as main terminal building, tower, other buildings, autopark, ambulance, firefighter vehicles, buses, cars, light poles, light projectors, fences, people and other objects are designed mainly with GMax, MDL Tweaker II and Library Creator XML. 4. Flags are not animated but changes direction, according to wind. 5. In spring and summer people with summer clothes, in autumn and winter people with winter clothes are viewed. 6. Windsock, trees mounted behind main terminal building, design of stairtruck, gates opening to apron belongs to Arno Gerretsen. Good flights. Mutlu ETNKAYA mutluckayaathotmail. com Show less...

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August 23, 2010
crazy really realistic grtzzz