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FSX FLETCHER CLASS DESTROYER. Introduced in 1942, the Fletcher-Class destroyers quickly became the mainstay of the fleet. The Fletchers saw action at Guadalcanal and played a major role in almost every other Pacific battle. Destroyers performed convoy escort and anti-submaring warfare (ASW) duties. The Fletchers were also formed into destroyer squadrons (including the legendary DesRon 21) that purposely went into harms way. Following the War, Fletchers continued to serve for decades, serving in the Korea and Vietnam conflict. Some are still serving with foreign navies. Three Fletchers have been preserved on public display: The Sullivans (DD-537, located at), the Kidd (DD-661, located at Baton Rouge, Lousiana) and the Cassin Young (DD-793, located at Charlestown Navy Yard, Massachusetts nex
Show more... t to the frigate USS Constitution). DEDICATION This is dedicated to the Tin Can Sailors. DESIGN NOTES No two Fletchers were alike. This Fletcher combines the elements of several Fletchers, picking the most frame-rate-friendly alternative. The first 58 Fletchers were round bridge (or high bridge) models. The last 117 Fletchers were square bridge (or low bridge) models. This model is most like an early square bridge Fletcher, the first of which was the Brownson (DD-518), with the early Fletcher armament. It does not have the AA platforms adjacent to the rear stack, or the stern or bow AA guns, some of which were added later. by Phil Crowther crowtherphilathotmai l. com Show less...

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January 19, 2010
I like this one