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Flight Simulator X Heavy Engine Sounds Ladies

Flight simulator X Heavy Engine sounds Ladies and Gentlmen.. .. I present you with an awsome Sound for flight simulator X Heavy Airliners.. .. This sound has taken almost a year to develop. I believe that it has achieved its purpose. You can now enjoy awsome engine power from both cockpit and outside view for (power growling engines) in a very comfortable way.. It successfully captures those critical moments of sound (Both inside and outside-engine view) after (rotate) when the engines are working to gurantee climb -Engine drone shifting from Max power to idle -Cruise -Approach -Taxi -Start up is Real This can be used with all types of Airbus (from A310-A320-330 -340) The boeings 777 767 757 737 L10-11 MD-11 DC-10. Enjoy and please send me a comment. Once u use these sounds.. . u will neve
Show more... r use anything else. Optimized for good speakers and surround sound if u have them. I did not creat the original sound files.. . I merely mixed and remixed sound files made by Master freeware designers.. . until i got them just right. installation : -unzip to desktop Back up sound of aircraft u wish to use them with -copy and paste into aircraft XXXX file (simobjects Aeroplanes AircraftXXXXX) Ali Zied Alphazulu1athotmail. com Show less...

Filesize: 26.98 MB | Added on: Nov 03, 2009 | Downloads: 1467 | Total Votes: 3 | Overall Rating: 9.67

Users Reviews
flight simulator X Heavy Engine sounds Ladies. Rating: 9.67 of 10 over a total of 3 reviews.

November 27, 2011
Very Good
Danpapuarating: 10
January 13, 2011
Very good Sounds like real jet engines
100000731745627-facebookrating: 10
January 4, 2011
This Sounds like a winner lol