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FSX Space Shuttle Atlantis. Completely re-worked model and textures. New flight dynamics optimised for SP2 Acceleration to restore sub-orbital performance. Achieve Mach 4. 65 and climb to just under 700, 000 ft under your own power at max realism. Very stable re-entry dynamics with Shuttle like landing characteristics. DVC added with a camera view for bay window, tailored gauge controlled effects, animated SRB and External Tank separations, bay doors, robot arm and payload, elevators, spoiler rudder, body flap and gear w nose wheel steering compiled with the FSX Acceleration SDK for flight simulator X exclusively developed by Bruce Fitzgerald.

Filesize: 16.78 MB | Added on: Oct 23, 2009 | Downloads: 9718

Users Reviews
FSX Space Shuttle Atlantis. Rating: 8.30 of 10 over a total of 28 reviews.

ZetaOPrating: 8
January 6, 2013
nice work
yukon62569rating: 10
November 18, 2012
kumatarating: 3
February 12, 2012
Dosent work
100002672589179-facebookrating: 4
December 12, 2011
i cant figure out how to use the launch pad
monster2035rating: 10
August 24, 2011
this is amazig such fun i hope they build
polsommerrating: 10
July 27, 2011
cool space ship
strongking43rating: 10
June 30, 2011
I love this craft. To do a vertical take off, you first increase the throttle to full and quickly press y enter slew mode. Then using mouse yoke, scroll until shuttle is in position. exit mode enjoy off. If want can at NASA area after accquire position, launch pad off . really loved that got dettach rocket boosters shift e 2 main fuel tank 3 open caro doors, e. And out satillite, 4 quickly. hope thiselped all who had some dificulties
fc_07919931901230566773rating: 10
May 22, 2011
well i got another one from the you tube video and it wont let me use fire on can someone help please am having trouble putting cars other web sits to need for speed hot pursuit some my email is jordan jackson
BenTen101rating: 10
March 29, 2011
unpaintoukrating: 10
March 8, 2011
i need this one hi flightsimmers d like you to download the mission that allows do real atlantis shuttle fligt. but forgot where downloaded o oops
wills14rating: 9
February 3, 2011
great modle, but how do i a vertical takeoff
100000755107673-facebookrating: 10
December 7, 2010
how do you use the drop tanks
100000538210885-facebookrating: 9
December 3, 2010
good work keep it up
CoolStineyrating: 10
November 22, 2010
Awesome I think it is just amazing am in AW. .
flashnyrating: 10
October 8, 2010
Hey once I have the twin boosters off and fuel tank take satellite out of my cargo area how do make it so does not follow shuttle Thanks in advance.
fc_07039695501581407616rating: 10
June 25, 2010
Very well
ppunterrating: 9
June 10, 2010
much better than the previous one thanks alot
frank223rating: 8
June 2, 2010
cest super
johne11rating: 10
May 30, 2010
You are 2nd person to make one of best space shuttles there is in this website right now.
kraemer77rating: 7
February 21, 2010
yeah, vivaban, i ask the same question. it would be great if we could know how to do that.
bcaptenrating: 1
February 18, 2010
fsimfanrating: 6
February 16, 2010
good add on except that i cannot find out how to do a vertical launch. slew mode refuses let me go vertical. every single website tells just vertical, but even though know the controls, cape canaveral, try it returns level flight. other than that, job.
mail62rating: 7
January 1, 2010
this would be great if you could get the separation first go but it is still good
wow_ss2003rating: 9
December 4, 2009
Great add on, but no fire if you can find out how to get the space shuttle 700,000 ft with NASA wants talk. Lol
outsiderating: 10
November 18, 2009
wullmeisterrating: 9
November 16, 2009
a like this add on very well layed out nice 1 guys
vivabanrating: 5
November 11, 2009
how do you jettison the big orange tank
elyloverating: 10
November 8, 2009