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FSX FCB9o8 Easy to fly UFO. The exclusively controls that are needed are the four arrow keys on the keyboard. This airplane is highly automated. It can complete a whole trip without pilot intervention. The Autoland is capable of landing the aircraft on any runway in both good and bad weather. In Space-Shuttle mode, it can achieve 100, 000, 000 feet and 123, 000 knots. Version 1. 3a created by Hoa Nguyen.

Filesize: 5.61 MB | Added on: Oct 10, 2009 | Downloads: 2827

Users Reviews
FSX FCB9o8 Easy fly UFO. Rating: 4.40 of 10 over a total of 5 reviews.

keilanmrating: 3
August 16, 2011
what the hell i downloaded it
fc_rating: 1
February 9, 2011
This is the first plane that I ve ever rated this low before It s sad. pretends it automated. But can t go into space, turn by itself, pull up landing gear, and all do straight forever ever. And then thought, well maybe could have fun with autopilot off, but doesn even off
johne11rating: 10
May 30, 2010
Wow a fly type model of space satillite.
Graupnerrating: 2
April 6, 2010
No Would Surclaro punish me if I suggested that the person who did this is possibly nuts
davidrkwrating: 6
March 21, 2010
The plane is well worth downloading but it got very confused on an EGLL to KJFK route and went hurling into outer space