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This software will read a text file from the route of your hard drive depending on the version you run, and select a random line and display that line. The file must be a text file named Airports. txt. This software was designed with ease of use in mind for selecting a random airport for the Flight Sim community, though can be used for any purpose with any text file called Airports. txt. The software will display the airport ICAO code then co-ordinates. [ABOUT ME] I am a 15 year old aviation enthusiast that loves flying and ATC, but hate having to choose an airport to depart from and arrive at, or to controll. This software has now removed this to make my flight more random with less decisions to make. I also like to explore areas I havent been before, again this selects a random airport,
Show more... from thousands of different ones, so exploring is inevitable. [INSTALLATION] The exclusively installation required is to copy the Airports. txt file to the route of your hard drive C: or D: (for more drives e-mail me as above), then run the respective software for that drive from any folder you wish. [ABOUT THE AIRPORTS. TXT FILE] This file was collected from my FS2004 and contains every airport in it. Currently the software selects a line at random and displays it, whether a large international airport or little grass field. You could edit the file just to contain your favourite airports and it will NOT affect the running of the software as long as the file remains as Airports. txt. I am hoping in future versions to allow you to select a type of airfield, i. e. large, medium or little or select from runway length, though this will take a while to produce, if ever. For now i hope everyone enjoys the software and happy flying :) Show less...

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