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DUBAI X - FSX Exclusively Olivier Bochu

DUBAI X for FSX exclusively by Olivier Bochu olivier. bochu_at_cegetel. net WWW. FRP. FR. ST Photoscenery of Duba and 65 Km of shore line Night and Day Dubai airport intl in UAE + city + the palm + the World I recommend you AFCAD file of Thomas Kostka the better at this moment for this scenery But With this one still subsist some aircraft at the gate inside the terminal omdb. zip on www. Just exclusively instal AFX file of his folder. NOT RESOLVED ils runway 12r 30L not good due to enlargment of runway Big black lines on picture ground Night texture on picture buildings red map on texture night in Marina AFCAD file matching the ground NOTE: BEWARE THIS SCENERY IS HIGHLY DETAILED AND CAN MOVE DOWN YOUR FPS To raise it : two ways : reduce AI traffic reduce detailed level INSTALLATION Place D
Show more... ubaX folder in addon scenery of FSX run fsX and add in library, add an area, search for dubaX folder and click ok NOTE you need file DUBA X part2. zip on for good work of scenery place the files of folder scenery from duba X part2 on the folder scenery of DUBA X. If file dont work remove dubai. bgl from MFSX scenery ASIA Keep it in a safe place WITHOUT AIRPORT If you dont want picture texture for airport and the airport : dont install DUBA X part2. zip THANKS : My macros were built with EOD from Matthias Brckner this scenery were buil with FSSC from Derek Leung (any files without Derek ;-))) thanks to macros autors contained in this scenery : Danny Levin for junks, Thanks to the testers Roger for mutliple test. ANOTHER SCENERY OF ME FRPX (over 100 cities for France for fsX,fs9,fs2002) on WWW. FRP. FR. ST or LEGAL this scenery is released as a freeware. it is for those who believe to this distribution type. this file can be distribute without modifications. Don t make money with this file I do not I spend 3 months to make it so respect it ! All right : Olivier Bochu E-mail comments are welcome here olivier. bochu_at_cegetel. net WWW. FRP. FR. ST Show less...

Filesize: 78.47 MB | Added on: Jun 06, 2009 | Downloads: 1867 | Total Votes: 3 | Overall Rating: 8.67

Users Reviews
DUBAI X - FSX exclusively Olivier Bochu. Rating: 8.67 of 10 over a total of 3 reviews.

megavideocrazy1.1-googlerating: 10
August 19, 2013
this is awesome love it u should download everything from this site
mahmoud2012rating: 8
March 19, 2013
Crystal clear it is like being there
sgtommyc-googlerating: 8
December 17, 2011
Very nice and detailed and very heavy on your frame rates