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Embraer 145 Engine Type: AE 3007A1 3 Rolls-Royce turbofan Model Designer Carl Selin FDE-John Cillis Texture Designer Tommy Hansson Sound Albert Ramic AeroLitoral Textures repaint Jeffrey S. Bryner Test flown by Dream Wings mebmbers. Painter unknown.

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Embraer 145 Engine Type AE 3007A1 3 Rolls-Royce turbofan. Rating: 6.75 of 10 over a total of 4 reviews.

maynambunrating: 8
August 23, 2013
its working great thanks
aeromxrating: 7
August 22, 2013
no esta mal le fallaron un poco las letras de connect
danielitorating: 2
January 4, 2010
grreat page
erayalcorrating: 10
May 8, 2009
Es un avion de la gran expresa Aeromexico que vuela en las principales ciudades Mexico