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FSDSxTweak v2. 4 (c) 2009 Dave Nunez (dave. nunez. za_at_gmail. com) This application allows users of Flight Simulator Design Studio (FSDS) 3. 5. 1 to add various tweaks to their models, such as bump mapping, Virtual Cockpit dynamic shadows, environment mapping, cameras (external and VC), automatically computed authentic gear compression, fuel tank placement, and more! THIS NEW VERSION adds some bug fixes, the ability to change the base material specular colour and power, and setting XtoMdl parameters in FSDSxTweakplugin. Note that this file includes FSDSxTweak, FSDSxTweakPlugin, FSDSxTweakEdit and ModeldefEdit in one handy package. Legal: This file is freeware. It may not be distributed without permission in any form. Permission is granted to upload it to any site which allows free downloads. The software is provided as-is, and the author does not accept any liability with regards to its use.

Filesize: 4.95 MB | Added on: Apr 02, 2009 | Downloads: 1013

Users Reviews
FSDSxTweak v2.4 c 2009 Dave Nunez dave.nunez.za_at_gmail.. Rating: 4.25 of 10 over a total of 4 reviews.

dannySTXrating: 9
October 19, 2010
Very useful for editing your airplane models,need SDK to get the correct installtion, but still wonderfull
erycklegarating: 5
June 7, 2010
good software..
Rog411rating: 1
May 9, 2009
too hard to figure out
jesusrating: 2
April 5, 2009
muy bueno gracias