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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FS2004 FS2002 BOEING B377 Stratocruisers British Overseas Airways Corporation 3 models: Delivery Scheme 1949 2nd layout (white Fin) 1951 Final layout (Blue Fin) Built by Greg Pepper Painted by Dave McQueen Minor assistance from Tom Gibson Technical and testing help from Dave McQueen Flight dynamics by FSAviator (true FS2002 flight model with dynamics derived from actual flight operating reference book information), correct within 3% of the real flying characteristics see Reference file (F10). This Flight Dynamics is not designed for AI use it will not work. Download AI propliners at http: www. calclassic. com. Virtual Cocpit modified by Jorge Buiatti (buiattijo1_at_yahoo . es) FS2004 comments. The aircraft has been tested in FS2004 (A Century of Flight). Minor instrument anomalies (color)
Show more... were the exclusively detected changes. The GPS feature will not work unless the panel. cfg file is replaced with the included "FS2004 B377-C97 panel. cfg" file in the panel folder. Rename it to panel. cfg. Show less...

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