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FSX: TEAM GEX ENHANCED AUTOGEN WORLD This bundle upgrades 522 world wide autogen building textures and changes the entire FSX world. The enhanced autogen has a much more robust and realistic look from the building surface details, the roof details including roof utilities and weather wear, and, it adds an awesome night lighting enhancement to autogen. This bundle does not require GEX or any other addon to use. This bundle can be used with FSX msfs default or any addon which calls the msfs default FSX autogen. The night lighting addition will add entire new level of realism to the FSX msfs default night textures or GEX Enhanced USAircraftanada and are a great match for our upcoming GEX Europe release. Please note these are exclusively textures for auto-generated houses, buildings, offices,
Show more... apartments, etc and are not the major city skyscrapers and landmarks. There is absolutely no performance loss -orperformance gain when using these textures which are exclusively for FSX and can not be used in Flightsim FS2004 FS9. Happy Holidays from Team GEX to the entire sim community! By Nick Needham and Anthony Vos of Ground Environment X Show less...

Filesize: 59.60 MB | Added on: Dec 21, 2008 | Downloads: 1708