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Avro Tudor Mk XIII. Avro Tudor is released as freeware. If and when the source file is released feel free modify and repaint it. You may upload this file to another website as long as it is not for profit. You need the written permission of the original authors to use any of these files for commercial purposes, otherwise a simple credit would suffice. This file should not cause any problems with your computer, but we accept no responsibility if you think it does. Modelled in gmax by Spoon Rest (main aircraft structure), Scrum Half (panel, control surface animations & Aircraft Container), Bar Tail (pilot figures), Foyer des Arts (textures) and Spin Scan (YouTube video tutorial). Thanks to Wiffy et al for beta-testing. email: info_at_DPSflight. com This model is unsupported. If you have any questions the good folk on most of the popular Flight Sim forums will more than likely be more than happy to help you out.

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