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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FSX Potez 540 The Potez 540 was a Recon plane and bomber that served the French, Spanish and Romanian Air Arms from 1934 up to WW2. This is a true native FSX model. It is painted for the Escadrille GR 11 33 Armee de lair circa 1937. It has the usual animations, plus retracting bottom turret, reflective glass,. dds textures and a limited amount of bump mapping. It has a Hispano-Suiza sound file courtesy of Law Dog. The 2D panel and Virtual Cockpit are based on a picture and the Virtual Cockpit has animated flight controls. By Paul Clawson

Filesize: 5.90 MB | Added on: Oct 07, 2008 | Downloads: 731

Users Reviews
FSX Potez 540 a Recon plane and bomber served French. Rating: 4.50 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

cybercoprating: 7
June 1, 2009
But for more detail in the interior, this add on would have been rated higher. The throttle control button does not appear to be operational 2D mode I could find it virtual cockpit mode. exterior is detailed. It appears fly fairly easily, which seem characteristic of most pre WWII aircraft.
vernonlion47rating: 2
December 18, 2008
This plane is very low quality. The cokpit isnt even inclosed properly. only neat thing about it the retractable turret.