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Thank you for Downloading The Roberts Racing Baja Buggy for Flight Simulator 2004. Model, Textures, cfg & airfile Made by Dyl Roberts. Thanks for the modeling & animation tips from Brian franklin & Rick Piper & all the Guys over at the freeflight design forums who helped Me Cheers Guys! Thanks to the Beta testing team, Guy, Dave, & Steve!! Cheers Guys! Information Know issues The buggy will from time to time start to shake slightly when stopped with the parking brakes on, thats about it. I have included a paintkit with this release, so you can paint it whatever color you want! All I require is that with every repaint made, I be credited for the creation of the paintkit & Model, e. g Original model & paintkit by Dyl Roberts. I have not included a 2D panel with this model, as the Virtual Coc
Show more... kpit is by far the best place to be when throwing the buggy around in the dirt! The sounds are aliased to the msfs default C182. The Buggy isnt intended to be an acurate rendition of the real thing. This is purely a FUN machine! I wont reply to any emails that tell me how it doesnt compare to the real thing. Have fun with it! I know that I and the Beta team have!!! Check My website out at; http: www. dylroberts. co. uk Installation Simply unzip to Your Flightsim FS2004 FS9 main directory. Show less...

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Roberts Racing Baja Buggy FS2004. Rating: 3.00 of 10 over a total of 1 reviews.

fc_05963022803904184899rating: 3
July 1, 2010
If you turn it, it just turns even more