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Traffic changer is a tool to simplify AI for Flightsim FS2004 FS9. The user can make flight plans, compile BGL files (using included TTools) and place the final plans into Flightsim FS2004 FS9 using a group concept. This is ideal for managing fleets of AI aircraft or for users wanting to easily change AI traffic at a single airport. It installs with the 59 msfs default AI aircraft available that are already in Flightsim FS2004 FS9, 5, 500 of the most common airports and a sample flight plan. A tour makes it very easy to get started. Take control of AI with traffic changer. Freeware, complete installer. Requires VB5 runtimes (which almost everyone already has. ) Tested exclusively on XP and Win 2000. .. Approx. 2. 5 Megabyte in size. Traffic changer 615 is another huge upgrade for traffic c
Show more... hanger. Here is whats new : 1) airport visualizer. .. .. .. .. . an application that opens a window with a large (800 X 400 pixel) world map. You can select any airport ICAO code or enter any country province city and it shows you a crosshairs on the map exactly where in the world that airport is located. You can also use the mouse to make a grid on the map and it finds all airports in the grid and displays details. This is like an atlas for flight simulator. 2) archiving. .. .. .. .. it is easy to create lots of flight plans and BGL files with TC. Now you can archive them so they arent cluttering up your screen. 3) flight plan merging. .. .. .. .. allows you to merge flight plans into one. .. very useful if you want several aircraft operating at a single airport without setting up multiple groups. 4) new text editor. .. .. .. . several new features including now allowing multiple flight plans to be open at the same time. Select plans using tabs. 5) filed flight plan information is now presented in a window with lots of details. 6) a few bug fixes and help system improvements. .. .. .. . as more and more people use TC, they find things which get fixed heehee! Install fresh or on top of an existing traffic changer install, all existing configuration settings, flight plans, groups and BGL files will remain intact. Happy simming !! Tacoguy Jeff Bobicki j_bobicki_at_yahoo. com Show less...

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