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Flight Simulator 2004 Complete aircraft Default 747-400 Livery: Da Vinci Code the film Spot Tom Hankss face on the fuselage Textures repaint by Francis F. Silva airsilvair_at_yahoo. co. uk DESCRIPTION Negative in sunlight, positive in the shade. Spot Tom Hankss face somewhere on the fuselage.. . Da Vinci Code film with Tom Hanks, I tried to give the livery a holographic effect. I dont know if I have succeeded but it turned out to look interesting. Do notice though how Tom Hankss face and that of his co-star become a negative image when the sunlight shines on them, but turn NEGATIVE and when sunlight is NOT shining on them. So much for the film.. . this is really much more amazing and contrary to the film, it leaves christianity undisturbed and well alone.. . Francis F. Silva

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