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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FS2004 F-16A MLU M4 RNoAF F-16A MLU M4 Fighting Falcon of the Royal Norwegian Air Force. The MLU M4 updates introduces a software tape enabling the aircraft to carry and deliver the latest air to ground munitions like the JDAM. In addition to the already advanced and highly capable AIM-120 AMRAAM, the super agile IRIS-T short range air-to-air missile has been introduced, replacing the AIM-9L Sidewinder. The Pantera targeting pod makes a new dimension in Air to Ground missions used together with the new HMCS (Helmet Mounted Cueing System). The Pylon Integrated Dispenser System has the ALQ-162 ECM pod built-in and complements ALQ-131 ECM pod, carried on the centre line. PIDS also enables carriage of more chaff, housed in the pylon. This model includes special Norwegian modifications to the b
Show more... asic F-16 like the drag chute compartment, night interception search light and a typical RNoAF weapon loadout of AMRAAMs, IRIS-Ts, GBU-12s, PIDS and ALQ-131. The Virtual Cockpit has been rebuild for better refresh rate. Reworked flight dynamics and new AB, vapor and exhaust smoke effects finish the package. By Kirk Olsson. Show less...

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Users Reviews
FS2004 F-16A MLU M4 RNoAF Fighting Falcon Royal Norwegian. Rating: 7.50 of 10 over a total of 4 reviews.

fc_13986400292650585749rating: 10
June 23, 2010
teacupofdoomrating: 9
October 30, 2006
I really love this plane, the auto pilot is acts like a 747 and sound IS from 747. Also piolts head obstrucks view behind you little bit. Other than that plane best i ve ever downloaded in 3 years.
crazyduncrating: 10
July 26, 2006
this one is the best so far, nice afterburner effect
djratboyrating: 1
July 15, 2006
Wouldnt work....