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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Project Boeing 999-1000 Niner-Liner. Copyrights: This aircraft is made by Project Boeing 999-1000 team Model Designer :Koen de Groot Flight Dynamics Designer :Jos Langenberg and Koen de Groot G-MAX Advisor :Rien Cornelissen Quality Control :Eric Vorstenbosch and Koen de Groot Tested :Koen de Groot Master textures :Koen de Groot Painters :Mike de Vries, Eric Vorstenbosch and Jos Langenberg. Contact: Koenikova_3__at_hotm ail. com Install: Just unzip the file and send the Aircrafts folder to the FS2004 AIRCRAFT FOLDER. Special thanx: A real special thanx to Rien Cornelissen. He helpt us very well making this plane. Rien is a designer of Warriors and scenery for the NL-2000 dutch team. THANX!! Repaints: You can exclusively repaint this plane if you have GMAX and the B999-1000 source files. Oth
Show more... er wise you get faults in your plane. Ask the builders to make repainted textures for you of your airline or make repainted textures yourself and send it to us zo we make it work for you!! koenikova_3__at_hotm ail (always use subject: B999-1000) Show less...

Filesize: 2.34 MB | Added on: Jun 14, 2006 | Downloads: 1779

Users Reviews
Project Boeing 999-1000 Niner-Liner. Rating: 4.50 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

vincentgoa3105rating: 7
July 5, 2006
Good plane
J912JB9rating: 2
June 26, 2006
Nice effort with this guys. To be honest, noting moves on the wings to represent external workings of aircraft except for flaps. The only visible movement is tail elevators which have an ever so slight movement. ailerons and rudder do not move. fuselage some what unrealistic looking looks honest configuration over grown 737. Has a standard 747 panel sound pack.