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KC-135T Stratotanker v1. 85 for FS2004. Model build in GMAX, with Pennsylvania Air National Guard textures, reflections, night lighting with PDI lights; completely new flight dynamics; animated flaps, ailerons, elevators, spoilers, rudder, extendable Retractable refueling boom, gear with steerable nose wheels, opening crew an cargo doors; separate landing and taxi lights Model, textures and Flight Dynamics by Rok Dolenec. Includes a tailored panel, all tailored gauges, Com 1 Com2, Nav 1 Nav 2, Altitude Callout, ADF VOR1, VOR2, Transponder, Autopilot, Fully Functional Throttle Quadrant Landing Gear Panel, Engine Start Panel, 2D Views. Original by Chuck Grimes, Arne Bartels, Jean-Pierre Langer, Dai Griffiths, Robert K. Guy, Emil Serafino Jr.

Filesize: 21.48 MB | Added on: May 24, 2006 | Downloads: 8184

Users Reviews
KC-135T Stratotanker v1.85 FS2004. Rating: 7.67 of 10 over a total of 6 reviews.

dogman_danrating: 9
October 24, 2008
Outstanding This not only looks like the real thing it more than sounds it. No copied sound or panels from a 747 anything. By far best DL Ive done yet.
Stubbedtoe16rating: 2
June 24, 2007
I m pretty sure it does not have any VC or wing views anything... But wasn t good cause did delete it. fully functioning either.
bucketrating: 8
June 14, 2007
If you are a fan of these birds then this download is must. Great flight dynamics, Single handedly the best sound package with an addon i ve come across thus far, pan outside in spot view, move throttle back and forward hear those GE s whyning out sync each other, fantastic. cockpit, FO has ever so slightly better posistion for landing. Very stable 4 engine bird, dont get aysmetric throws or slips when performing step turn like do say A340. Gauges good, haven t found fault yet, although only flown it about hour so. The old school ILS different if re used to boeing NG Airbus systems, but couple go at ll your head around it. nice external model all trimings. keep up good work, cheers.
BODNrating: 9
May 31, 2006
If you like flying a plane that is GREAT this one for The panel Busy but how panels should be if want realism. It takes few flights to sort things out get the feel of plane. I had an initial problem my fault and emailed author he replied very promptly got going great have authors support their products. You lots features keep busy with extendable boom cargo doors crew radios autopilot copilot etc Engine sounds could better some gages hard read because display numbers are small your resolution bad may reading them GET THIS ONE
willymanrating: 8
May 24, 2006
Very nice
stevehinson1974rating: 10
May 24, 2006
Great Bird, I miss mine, 61 0290 8th AF, 97 BW, Blytheville AFB, ARK. 74 82. B52G Tanker Crew Chief. A such, can speak from HAVE BEEN THERE DONE THAT. FDE is ok. PANEL Ok BUT FD 109 ADI by Bendix incorrect. Feathers should FLoat to 8 deg pitch when engaged at rollout. During flight they reposition maintain envelope. during ILS landings takeofs. GREAT JOB on the SURREAL PICTURE bmps of cockpit That IS how it looks DOWN C 4 lights, which still have two for my car. LOVE RED Boom great. FEATURE EXCELLENT. Beacons wrong COLOR s b GREEN. DANG near perfect. Inboard LE Flaps don t operate. We only had outbrd LEF model anyway. Fuel panel not correct. Major will tell you. Nobody else note these things MAX FUEL load wrong. EWO 189,500 lbs. fuel in lbs 202,500 CG a little aft MAC. S be 37 Mean Aerodynamic Chord. used chart refuel and this formula so as tip tail, ram stick AFT UPPER DECK tank area. Seen happen Other than those small things, WHICH DO NOT CARE, but loyalist must like great mod. am perfect nor do expect others SO, GIVE ME MORE OF YOUR STUFF lol. My stuff type name Simviation, Surclaro, FlightSim, or Avsim. Then you get me LOL J K. IT FINE HONORABLE BIRD, EASY TO FLY. EVEN THE ALT GEN are exactly 60 Kvar each x 3 RT ON BUTTON COULD FIND IFF transmitter box upper Co side. Is there Functional sure would that. THAT USED ALL TIME was SAC, no beep, fly, PERIOD. GUYS THIS BIRD 1 GET IT, IN FLIGHTS Message long, big hunk deserves truth. It take it. THANKS BEST StratoBladder . BEAUTIFUL TEXTURE. flying P now ferrying Buffs across Pond Iran with Yuki AI Buffs. At 32 Angels. Will out Tehran using RD NUKEM SHOW STOPPERS AH YES make WMV. If need ACTUAL jpgs UP CLOSE all pics 500, let know. copies, leave PM. timing mission. Steve