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Special Effects
NUKEM v1 a new effect for Flightsim FS2004 FS9. Creates the effect of a Nuclear detenation. From the bomb dropping, the glowing blast and shock effect, to the mighty Mushroom cloud. This was originaly developed by Chris Trotter for FS2002. After numerous attempts to contact him, with no answer, I am now ready to release this. This effect is for Flightsim FS2004 FS9 FS2004. I have done alot of major improvements and modifications to make this work right, and be more realistic, compared to the original Effect. As I can tell, nobody has this effect available anywhere, or anything close to it. I hope you enjoy the NUKEM effect. Ardie rd, actjr62_at_cox. net

Filesize: 1017.50 Kb | Added on: Apr 27, 2006 | Downloads: 7296

Users Reviews
NUKEM v1 a new effect FS2004 FS9. Rating: 8.07 of 10 over a total of 30 reviews.

toilettenpapier21rating: 4
August 4, 2013
mitch1983rating: 10
April 2, 2013
its nice but how do i donwneload it
100000032973497-facebookrating: 1
February 7, 2013
I just got this last week now cant download it for some reason
100002934257533-facebookrating: 10
November 25, 2012
Oh yeah,bomb Ninoy Aquino Intl. infinity times You have 10 on your add examination
reapeyflyrating: 8
April 10, 2011
Shame there s no sound for the explosion but otherwise very good flash is awesome.
aurrutiagmrating: 10
December 29, 2010
An outstanding add on effect, this is a must... thanks
hvn143rating: 10
November 22, 2010
hi all How to drop bomb in FS2004 after adding this Effect I mean what is the key release
ali_pilotrating: 10
March 29, 2009
i love it
arobisonrating: 10
December 21, 2008
this thing is fucking sweet I would rate it 1000 times higher
officialjakerating: 4
May 28, 2008
i dont get the somke sreen part
delphairating: 9
April 21, 2008
Great effect.Had fun flying a B 52 dropping couple of M117 then finishing the airport with nuck, but yeah it would be much better loud boom on side lol, great effect, thanks
ErfromBerating: 10
March 28, 2008
looks very good
nuke235rating: 9
August 20, 2007
this is awsome. add a shockwave and id be 11 out of10
sasmasterrating: 5
June 24, 2007
HOW do you get it to work. i have downloaded it, followed yor instruction, but dont what u meen abount the smokesystem CAN YOU MAKE IT MORE EASIEY TO UNDERSTAND
oldmeatrating: 9
April 26, 2007
it needs a blast sound
astrnutrating: 9
January 15, 2007
Boy Ardie...this looks familiar. Hmmm. Could it be Na. Must my imagination. Hey, I remember now. Where s credit sent you the files originally ya know...and yet nada. m not feel n luv here OK, seriously, did a pretty good job making what look better. want sound After drop nuke, put re lips together, fill cheeks with air and say boom . Oops, gotta go.
cybercoprating: 8
August 13, 2006
Although the nuclear effects are not very realistic former USAF NBC warfare officer , this is still worth downloading. If could be rendered more realistic, even if restricted to one or a few cities, it would buying. Being able nuke Hanoi bucks most Vietnam veterans like myself.
Yuliy12345rating: 7
July 12, 2006
this looks awsome
stevehinson1974rating: 10
May 21, 2006
If they say too short, that is the way a nuke is. liyyle cloud, u used 10 megers iinstaed of showstooper 20 s. if no sound SO FRIGGIn what, in real blast SAC Bomber crew here. you are moving at .95 Mch, so by time gets to pilot, it has diipated from teh gap between plane an d blast. I THINK IT IS COOL. TY ARDIE, on rev 2, but imn rea ity YOU WILL NOT HEAR A LOUND BANG. AT MILES 500 KNOTS GREAT JON ARDIE steve B 52G Crew Chief
fizznfire12rating: 5
May 6, 2006
it looks nothing like a real nuclear explosion... all is 5 second flash then smoke texture... i ll seen much better. but, was cool the first time, so give him 5.
jasonmangasrating: 9
May 6, 2006
Real cool effects For pr2firefightersc The fact that you cannot get it working should not end up in a low rating for something anyone else does working.
flowdriprating: 8
May 2, 2006
Great FX The initial explosion should of been a lot bigger and little bit longer, the mushroom cloud could denser. Sound would made this way too cool Good job Ardie
cyoderrating: 9
May 1, 2006
this is sweet... i agree, there should be sound but all things considered, an awesome effect c. yoder
pr2firefighterscrating: 2
April 30, 2006
i followed the instructions to letter as read in Read Me file. no go. waste of 2 mintues cable modem downloading it because does not work for me. looks awesome .bmp s that are on DL page, but other than that... sorry. cant say much about it. would love toast bagdad, kabul, kajaf, or pretty just turn Iraqi Afganistan Iranian areas into one GIANT shiny piece glass... have that. .... Good Luck next person if works.
ardierating: 10
April 29, 2006
Sorry all, but you cannot add sounds to an effect. Effects with gauges and XML s, yes. But a generic FX, cannot. Same as flattening the scenery, can t won happen. You change scenery base effect, only cover it up. However, I do appreciate positive votes have gotten for this. hope all that it, enjoy it. And if anybody has any suggestions Version 2, need be, then let me know. am really surprised how well this gone. To downloaded liked very glad. RD
RMeuserating: 10
April 29, 2006
WOW. Excellent Down. It s kinda perverse to have made this file, never mind using it reminds me of the WTC file inwhich contained pics 9 11 flying planes into Cntrs. as well a reminder things thats going on today, but I say that do love it. agree, sounds would be nice add well.
butcherdrating: 9
April 28, 2006
Really Cool. Needs some sound. 9 10
forresyflyrating: 10
April 28, 2006
I don t have many effects for fs4, so this is great
berg319k9rating: 10
April 27, 2006
Kick Ass......I ve never seen an effect this awesome before. I fly with a virtual military club and can t wait for the next excersize to use it. Right on
surfer2444rating: 7
April 27, 2006
well its pretty fun. but, the shockwave should be SO much faster and there a sound, dontcha think however, good work. keep improving. is way to have buildings flattened