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Fs2004 this is a concorde in fictionel livery (euroharmoney) its got its own panel, reverse thruct and the famous leaning nose

Filesize: 21.41 MB | Added on: Mar 15, 2006 | Downloads: 6583

Users Reviews
FS2004 a concorde fictionel livery euroharmoney panel. Rating: 7.91 of 10 over a total of 23 reviews.

ravensfreak0624rating: 7
June 5, 2009
Flies well, but the sound file is obnoxious. Give it new and you got a 9
Totirating: 2
December 22, 2007
this cannot fly properly at all , ive flown model a year or so ago and it was brill does not correcty
MICHAELMK86rating: 1
January 31, 2007
its very unrealistic, Very unstable the aircraft overstresses over 320 knots and to fly properly needs 500 knots. Also some times goes backwards. So it can not at all.
ahildoerrating: 4
September 11, 2006
Nice layout and cockpit, but poor stability at low speeds. Could not turn under 500 knots without the plane stalling. I like MUCH better.
cybercoprating: 9
August 13, 2006
While seemingly difficult to fly, this Add on is very detailed and functional, both with regard the panel VC. Even VC engineers console has some functionality. Some of directions appear be in French fortunately, installation appears consist dropping aircraft folder FS9 Aircraft directory.
amarchrating: 10
August 8, 2006
i know im the creator just saying search for liveries in and youll find a newer file than this one
cortrating: 9
July 14, 2006
GREAT but needs afterburners
wiggarating: 10
June 27, 2006
Very easy to download, great flight, gauges, but suckish livery
gintyrating: 9
April 18, 2006
Superb plane and very easy to install. Great cockpit nose details. Personally I like the livery.
axiom13rating: 6
April 8, 2006
Wasn t this add on made by FS France And I am really not impressed. You can get these textures
totirating: 9
April 6, 2006
great work , would like to see visible re heat
Invididualrating: 9
April 2, 2006
Best Concorde to date for FS9. I only gave it a 9 lack of real liveries. Hope see some new
ziccorating: 10
March 26, 2006
This is great. The part i like best the installation which very easy. You just throw file into your aircraft folder. Thats it. That includes sound, panel gauges and everything else. All these other guys who adds on to this site should learn from guy keep things simple this. Great Job. Thanks
fjmrrating: 8
March 24, 2006
Espero que este bien pedazo de transporte supersoniko
viper16crating: 9
March 20, 2006
This is the most realistic concorde I have ever had. The only thing that sucks livery. wish they had made it with Air France or British Airways textures.
desusrating: 5
March 20, 2006
try the flight
zaphod514rating: 9
March 20, 2006
A really good job. Nice VC too. Be nice to see some other textures. Possibly BA and AirFrance
sam198923rating: 10
March 20, 2006
great plane ad on
skyhawk32zrating: 9
March 19, 2006
Like the attention to detail, droop nose etc...
fatfred5000brating: 9
March 18, 2006
Great Plane. And don t worry about the Overspeed warning. Any realistic Concorde gives an warning at 350 kts AT LOW ALTITUDE. Try climbing to 40,000 or 50,000 feet, and if you can hit Mach 2 without overspeeding there, I ll eat my hat. like eating hats, either.
tizzy8rating: 10
March 16, 2006
This is the best freeware of concorde i have ever flown. Gauges are realistic cockpit very detailed and makes it easy to keep track everything. The only problem overspeed warning.. but everything else great. Take your time download this add on youll be glad you did so. Keep up good work
DC7guyrating: 9
March 16, 2006
Download, will take awhile. Its worth it, Nice Plane Sounds are great, as is the panel, Flying plane It overspeeds at around 350 ...Can t move speed bug to change that glitch Keep up good work, and please fix cfg files on this one
Prowler67rating: 9
March 15, 2006
Over all a good aircraft. Detailed panel and great sounds, the nose even moves up down. Only problem is it over speeds at 350 kts, but if you ignore that this thing can go fast.