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FS2004 2 Red Consolidated PBY Catalina The PBY-5A Catalina dont desapeared with the end of the war. It continued flying in many duties. Trans Australian Airlines was a Quantas subsidiary that took charge of the New Guinea flights. After the war the TAA New Guinea operations were styled Sunbird Services. Package includes panel (read the attached Mike Panels. txt). Model by Mike Stone, repaint by Alejandro Hurtado.

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Users Reviews
FS2004 2 Red Consolidated PBY Catalina PBY-5A dont. Rating: 7.00 of 10 over a total of 7 reviews.

sparky793rating: 4
November 6, 2011
nice paint job but if you build a plane I think need to fit it uot as well. there are no flaps so landing is tuf was hoping for more 3D enviroment i like see the props out window
Maximillian10271rating: 3
May 26, 2006
Yeah great. Okay ... no sound, moving parts and a TERRIBLE cockpit
kvikrating: 7
March 22, 2006
Fantastic to fly that old plane.
baltazarrating: 10
February 8, 2006
its an orgasm flying that babe,,,myh grandpa flied this in southamerica, peruvian air force.
hhneryrrating: 10
February 6, 2006
flys well
peterhardinrating: 10
February 6, 2006
PLEAAASE I know the panel has problems Do you readed archive called mike panels.txt inside folder can t change beause Mike Stone don let to do that. By way, this needs copy dc3.gau from dc3 common gauges folder. It s in readme 1st.txt Just rate repaint, NOT
knightone123rating: 5
February 5, 2006
all it needs is a Panel and your in for treat .