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Aircraft Simulators Junkers Ju-87B-2 Stuka German dive bomber Ju-87B of 6. StG 77, Graz Austria, April 1941 Thank you for downloading this plane. The word Stuka was enough to terrify the most battle hardened soldier in the beginning of World War II. Incredibly authentic and with sirens added to terrify, the Ju87 Stuka was at the forefront of the blitzgrieg. However, in the Battle of Britain, they were mauled to a point where they were withdrawn within weeks of the beginning of the Battle. Transfered to the Mediterranean theatre, it found new life in attacking shipping and in support of the Afrika Korps. It survived for a while in Russia, giving there was adequate air support. Slow, cumbersome and poor manouverability, it soldiered on till late 1944. Copyright Original Designers: Mike Colclough and Gerald Keagan Stuka Panel (unknown Designer) Textures, DP and AIR files by Mike Colclough diestafel_at_hotmail . com

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gabeszrating: 1
January 29, 2006
can not control the plane