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Dear Fellow Flightsimmers: Its a curious phenomenon that so many simmers cut their teeth on FSIM starting out with large commercial jets. There are thousands of pilots and captains out there with 25 years of experience that have never flown a 767, 747 or a heavy Airbus. OK so we cant get you into a Cessna or Piper. There is however a wonderful Cessna Citation series that is created by [Veneaviones DEVELOPMENT TEAM]. You can find it on several sites. This bullet will give you the speed you want plus its nimble enough to afford you the opportunity for you to fly it with your stick. Have Fun! This new panel is a good fit for any of the CITATION series as well as other little bizjets. Its picturereal, simple enough to use plus some toys to make your flight enjoyable. To Install: Unzip the pane
Show more... l ZIP and add the panel to aircraft of your choosing directly or use the [alias] method. Unzip the Gauges Instruments ZIP and install the individual instruments gauges and the one CX_RJY folder into your GAUGES folder. NOTE: You must have previously installed MS FSIMs CONCORDE gauges. If not you can find them on line. Enjoy your flight. My schedule does not allow me to be prompt with emails but I will respond within 7 days if questions or problems arise. Sincerly, Capt. Rad J Yarjan capt_rad_at_hotmail. com Show less...

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