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FlightSim Manager 2. 8. 5 Compatible with both FS2002 and FS2004 FlightSim Manager is a great tool for managing addons to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Using easy to Wizard FSM can install various addins from distribution ZIP files that you may have downloaded, with easy uninstaller. FSM has lots of feature to offer, from an easy to use Aircraft editor to add edit aircraft variants, to an comprehensive Hangar management that allows you to manage and configure your addons off your live Flight Simulator installation. You can create Virtual Fleets, and enable disable the complete fleet with ease. For serious pilots, there is also a complete Logbook. If you have access to networked PCs, you can use FSM Lan View feature to create virtual cockpits with as many different views as you like. FSM also
Show more... make it very easy to control Flight Simulator with speech commands, with added support for auto-saving flight, warning system, and your own tailored event sounds. Also FSM introduces a new ViewMode that replaces the existing boring tower view into exciting camera view. Using a powerful Editor, you can now edit your AI Flight Plans plans can be saved as sets, which then in turn can be enabled in Flight Simulator. With FSM, you can create Texture Sets (your own tailored texture installer) capture screenshots, complete Benchmark with log, launching Flight Simulator with Random Screens, and fly from anywhere in the world using an map view. Finally with a comprehensive Diagnostic Tools and Repository feature, FSM keeps your Flight Simulator installation clean. Apart from the usual Missing and unused gauges, FSM can also locate Aircraft problems, Missing and unused effects, and Scenery Problems with an unique LandClass File relocate feature say bye-bye to all those memory leaks. There are still a lot more features that you will need to discover by yourself. You can find the latest version from: http: www. ranainside. com softwaremer Rana Hossain rana. hossain_at_ranainsid e. com Show less...

Filesize: 5.48 MB | Added on: Nov 24, 2005 | Downloads: 8906

Users Reviews
FlightSim Manager 2.8.5 Compatible with FS2002 and FS2004. Rating: 6.47 of 10 over a total of 17 reviews.

gbh69rating: 1
April 27, 2008
Completely useless piece of software out date as soon you install it. Re directs immetiatly to their website get even more confused.
rudiduhawkrating: 1
December 6, 2006
It doesnt work at all expired or something. Try go to the webiste listed exist.
Yawbone06rating: 5
October 14, 2006
Works fine but i would not pay a dime for this program it ain t that good
kawadude111rating: 9
July 22, 2006
the automatic install most of time doesnt work. bu that is only bad thing about it. i use this because it uses voice recognition to preform tasks in cockpit. ex. say flaps down and lowers encriments. you can even add more recognitions suite your needs. requires an easy download from microsoft for work
wojtek19890rating: 8
June 30, 2006
I downloaded it for the feature where you can get some new views, and everytime i tried to see from a different view there was message that is bad data . If anyone tell me how views please me.
geraldrcrating: 1
February 27, 2006
Will not install. Keep getting an error message concerning the setup.exe. Contacted Rana web site three times, no answer, they must support free programs.
littlebenoitrating: 10
January 23, 2006
go to this site and get it downloaded 10 times faster http download now.html
brittlerating: 5
January 18, 2006
It s good when it is working. But goes buggy and eventually won t open anymore. becomes useless has to be uninstalled. Reinstalling doesn work.
terrydwyerrating: 10
December 15, 2005
Bloody Brilliant piece of gear
viplanetrating: 9
December 2, 2005
A classic and a good one in flight sim managers, always wellcome. must have file for all simmers newbies or oldies too. I never desinstall plane without this great tool thx
quidwrathrating: 10
November 29, 2005
I am downloading this right now Just the thing that i needed. Yay it finished And to person who said took 15 minutes, me five minutes with Amsd 3000.
Morpheus93rating: 8
November 29, 2005
Just what I ve been looking for
tj33rating: 1
November 29, 2005
This is my favorite manager. But, beware,,, the program will one day refuse to boot up. A message appears that says go website listed above get latest updates. When you do don t have permission use it... If C in hanger functions of program, they are lost.... Seems take about 3 months die... I think it a scam... Stay away from this program. While very good,, shut off and could loose lot stuff... Therefore worthless should be removed SurClaro...
paulthearating: 2
November 29, 2005
What a verry slow download. 15 minutes with ADSL 3000
sgtommycrating: 10
November 28, 2005
A Must have app.
acepilot977rating: 10
November 26, 2005
Very nice for the people who dont know how to install planes
DeltaXArating: 10
November 24, 2005