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FS2004 Glider Tow-Navigation Operation Video This file presents a navifation flight video from Matamata to Tauranga, North Island, New Zealand: It simulates a Piper J-3 towing a Rolladen-Schneider LS-7 Glider and can be useful for glider airplane training because it shows a navigation flight: 1. Take-off -Piper J-3 towing LS-7 from Matamata Airfield (ICAO NZMA) elevation 182 ft;. 2. Climb During flight glider airplane pilot must keep vision of tow plane wings flattened to horizon and ascencion is rectangular format paralel to airfield directions (RWY 10 28), so both aircrafts stays inside security cone if happens a pane; 3. Release 2000 feet above ground is pattern level to leave tow plane (J-3 pilot balance two wings thats the signal) 2325ft in this case; 4. After release flightsimmers ch
Show more... ange J-3 for glider airplane LS-7) L D 1:43) or another and so glider airplane flight begins; 5. Thermals clibbing keep glider airplane above stall speed and make port curves (in this case) ; 6. After get altitude (9715ft) keep heading 058-060 to go Tauranga direction; 7. Some aerobatics; 8. As glider airplane finishes aerobatics at low altitude pilot much reduce speed to minimal sink to reach Tauranga (ICAO-NZTG) 9. Dive; 10. Flatten dive; 11. Precision Landing. It will be useful to receive any feed-back avaliation. It is freeware. By Francisco Vargas. E-mail:cmtvargas_at_ superonda. com. br Show less...

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