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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
PROJECT OPENSKY AIRBUS A340 VERSION 1 for FS2004 exclusively Virgin Nigeria WV. This plane will not work properly in FS2002. Airplane made by Project OpenSky and we reserve ALL rights to this aircraft. Model Designer : Shervin Ahooraei Flight Dynamics Designer : Warren C. Daniel Master textures : Ben Hewitt, C. Vincent Cho Virtual Cockpit textures : Gary Hayes Flight Dynamics Advisors : Nick Peterson, Simon Ng Hin Tat Virtual Cockpit Gauges Instruments : Special thanks to Pasquale Rinaldi Panel : Pasquale Rinaldi XML softwareming : Special thanks to Fraser Turner and Bill Leaming Repainted By : Tom Collins (ilikemybike_at_hotm ail. com)

Filesize: 7.39 MB | Added on: Sep 06, 2005 | Downloads: 3390

Users Reviews
PROJECT OPENSKY AIRBUS A340 VERSION 1 FS2004 exclusively. Rating: 5.20 of 10 over a total of 5 reviews.

549736862-facebookrating: 7
January 11, 2011
alexashleyrating: 10
January 10, 2011
The best A340 ever
jedi09rating: 1
December 30, 2005
corrupt freakin file, damn
tomcollinsrating: 7
December 6, 2005
I can assure you that this download is fully functional.
jamsan2005rating: 1
December 3, 2005
This thing sucks. It doesnt even work, whats the point of looking at a black screen