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FS2004 Aircraft: Nicks Space Shuttle Landing Challenge UPDATE to v1. 1 This update addresses the following issues: 1. Landing gear not visible. 2. No landing gear drop handle in the panel. 3. Main gear sinks into runway when rotating to drop nose gear down. 4. Error message when shuttle is started for the first time. 5. Thanks to information from NASA (JPL), this update provides the needed structural integrity changes that will allow this simulation to ride out a bad landing and water ditch the shuttle (no crash bar) IF you land the shuttle using the correct nose flair method AND within the tolerances the structure of the shuttle can handle on impact. This allows the space shuttle in the sim (like the real shuttle) to water ditch and belly land on runway (in an emergency or if improperly l
Show more... anded on the suspension system). 6. Updated visual, touchdown, dust, dirt, gravel, friction sparks, smoke and a complete set of splash and water ditch effects included. Air file, aircraft. cfg and shuttle landing FX by Nick Needham. This bundle includes an update for FS2002 as well. It requires my original nsc. zip be installed before running this update!!! ENJOY! Nick Needham Klondikekit_at_yahoo . com Show less...

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November 24, 2007