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FS2004 TNCM Princess Juliana Intl St-Maarten. Airport of St-Maarten Netherlands Antilles for FS2004 (Version 1. 2) Scenery of TNCM International Airport of St-Maarten Netherlands Antilles. (Version 1. 2) Location: (N18 02. 52 W063 06. 53) (ILS: 110. 10 Mhz) Autor: Delblond Christian Description: TNCM Princess Juliana is the scenery of the International Airport of St-Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles. Version 1. 2 I have adding an ILS on the Runway 9, because a lot of people written to me about this option, the frequency is 110. 10 Mhz, but in the reality Juliana airport is not equiped with this instrument. Adding the weather station, cars on the airport parking, extended the hill near Maho htel and adding the Juliana helibase.

Filesize: 4.81 MB | Added on: Aug 19, 2005 | Downloads: 7860

Users Reviews
FS2004 TNCM Princess Juliana Intl St-Maarten. Rating: 9.53 of 10 over a total of 15 reviews.

Handyman27rating: 10
October 16, 2018
flying over the ocean here is beatiful love it truely
jhuirating: 9
April 27, 2018
rajanranga541-googlerating: 10
August 9, 2012
N C3
smgenrating: 10
June 14, 2012
jolly fantastic
sky97150rating: 10
July 31, 2011
Love it to the max
mollpilrating: 10
March 31, 2010
ganzegal11rating: 10
July 24, 2009
very excellent
sachalexrating: 10
May 12, 2008
M.Delblond produces excellent, frame rate freindly, Airport Scenery this is one such. See his Grand Case as well. Set sliders all the way to right if your PC Graphics Card has enough computing power.
sanfranciscorating: 10
January 20, 2007
I love this tncm add on
seedrating: 10
May 28, 2006
this is a great download
cameronmortrating: 10
April 14, 2006
auwsmn looks real
concordeboyrating: 10
March 11, 2006
Hey 437ster when you open fs2004 go to settings and put add on dramatice scenery max then all the have be one too. Hope it works,
437sterrating: 7
November 22, 2005
J can t see the poeple on beach martien
mfredmoerating: 9
November 9, 2005
Nice looking place. A very nice add on. Morten from Norway.
aw186rating: 8
August 24, 2005
Very nice it gives me another great airport to fly into. The cars make the scenery look alive